Suboxone Clinics, Over-The-Counter Naloxone, And Needle Exchanges—Can These Solve Rural America's Heroin Crisis?

During the past decade, many pockets of rural America have fallen victim to a new drug epidemic that was once thought to be the province of large cities—fentanyl-laced heroin. This deadly drug has taken a strong and immediate grip on its users, leaving many law enforcement professionals and local leaders at a loss as to how to deal with the spread of heroin use. Are programs like needle exchanges, over-the-counter availability of naloxone, and suboxone clinics a good way to ease addicts into treatment, or do they simply prolong the problem?

2 Reasons To Have Your Employees Drug Tested

One of the most beneficial services that you can take advantage of as a business owner is a drug testing service, mostly because having individuals working for you that are on drugs can have a major impact on your business and profitability. Listed below are two reasons to have your employees drug tested: Reduces Your Liability One of the biggest reasons to have your employees drug tested is the fact that it can reduce your liability.

Misleading Botox Wrinkle Treatment Myths

Wrinkles can be a source of intense embarrassment for individuals as they may feel that the wrinkles make them appear far older than their actual age. Due to the prevalence of this part of the aging process, individuals may find that they are interested in undergoing cosmetic procedures to minimize or eliminate the wrinkles, but misinformation about Botox treatments can discourage individuals from choosing this effective wrinkle treatment.   Myth: Botox Prevents You From Showing Facial Emotions

Avoid Losing Your Vision By Also Having Your Optic Nerves Examined By Your Ophthalmologist

Not many people know that they have glaucoma. There are no symptoms and so the disease silently progresses over the years to the point where you're now losing your vision. The disease can be treated successfully if you're treated early, and so it's important for you to have annual exams if you're over 60 years old. When your eyes are healthy, aqueous humor, a fluid-like substance, bathes your eyes and maintains your eye pressure.

4 Tips for Recovering After Rhinoplasty

If you're considering rhinoplasty, you will want to be prepared for it. The good news is this surgery can dramatically change your appearance and may enable you to get the nose you want. However, in an attempt to recover as quickly as possible, you will want to know what you should or shouldn't do. Being aware of specific tips you can use after this operation can be ideal for a quick recovery.