How An ENT Surgeon Can Help Those With Persistent And Damaging Laryngitis

Laryngitis is one of those conditions that many people experience sporadically throughout their life without experiencing any long-term effects. However, some individuals may have persistent or chronic laryngitis that is very hard to tolerate and which may cause excessive pain and even a change in their vocal textures. As a result, these individuals need to schedule ENT surgery right away to keep themselves from severe pain. Laryngitis May Be Painful

Signs That You May Have Crohn's Disease

Crohn's disease is a complex illness that seems to be caused, at least in part, by an over-active immune system that attacks some of the body's own tissues. The symptoms can come and go, and they can vary from patient to patient — which may be one reason why some patients go undiagnosed for years. But make no mistake about it: if you have any of the symptoms below, you should see a gastroenterologist and get tested for Crohn's disease.