Seek These Forms Of Treatment For Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can result from all sorts of different issues, including injuries at work or while playing sports, sleeping awkwardly, and more. Having this type of pain can be disruptive in your life. You may find that you struggle to properly do your job, especially if it includes physical tasks. Instead of ignoring the problem, you should visit a healthcare professional for help. While some people immediately visit their family doctor when they have shoulder pain, there are a number of specific practitioners whom you can visit. Here are three treatment options.

Massage Therapy

If you have a pulled muscle in your shoulder, which is typically characterized by pain and a lack of mobility, massage therapy is a good option to consider. Your massage therapist will ask you some questions and perform a physical assessment to determine the best way to treat your shoulder, and then begin working on it. Using the right amount of pressure and a variety of kneading techniques, they'll loosen the muscle and help it feel better. You may notice a marked improvement after just one appointment, but it's common to need a few sessions.


Acupuncture is another type of treatment that can have a positive impact on your shoulder pain. You'll find practitioners who perform this ancient form of healing in all sorts of environments, including those who work in large clinics and those who work from home. A shoulder acupuncture session generally involves a physical assessment and then a number of thin needles placed in and around your shoulder. You'll need to lie still while the needles are in place, and you may find a deep sense of relaxation during this time. Like a massage, you may require a few treatments depending on the severity of your shoulder pain.

Physical Therapy

You may also think about getting help from a physical therapist. These healthcare practitioners assist patients with all sorts of levels of pain. While some patients visit physical therapists after acute injuries such as car accidents, you can also get help if you aren't sure of how the pain first started. After a detailed assessment, your physical therapist will perform a variety of hands-on treatments, as well as recommend exercises that you can perform at home. In some cases, the therapist will use a machine that sends a gentle electric current into the affected area, which can result in a decrease in your pain. 

For more info about shoulder pain therapy, contact a local doctor.