Everything You Should Know About Compounded Pet Medication

Having a sick pet is quite distressing. When your pet is in such a state, your veterinarian may prescribe medicine to ease its pain and nurse it back to health. However, in some circumstances, your pet may refuse to take its treatment, or the method of administering the meds doesn't sit well with you.

If you find yourself in such as situation, don't panic. There lies a solution in compounded pet medication. These are pet meds with altered ingredients and dosage to make them more effective and agreeable to your pet. The rest of this article discusses various aspects of compounded pet medication to help you understand their benefits and how they work.

Different Types of Compounded Pet Medication

Since compounded pet medication is customized to suit your pet, it comes in various forms depending on what you need. If your pet refuses to take its medication due to its nasty taste, there are chewable pet treats with added flavor to suit its palate. If the medicine prescribed is not as strong as it should be, there are customized strength medications with adjusted properties to increase their efficacy. If you have a diabetic pet, compounding pharmacists may prepare a sugar-free version of the prescribed medicine. Transdermal PLO gels are also available for pets that decline oral medication administration. All you have to do is explain your pet's issue, and suitable medication is prepared to meet its needs.

How Compounded Pet Medicine Is Prepared

If you are new to compounded pet medicine, you may wonder how it is prepared to be sure what your pet is ingesting. Contrary to what you may think, compounding medicine is a simple process that makes the medication more effective and administrable. The most common way to prepare compounded pet medicine is by adding flavors to meds to alter their taste to the animal's liking. You can also make the meds stronger and more effective by combining two medicines into one or mixing two or more solutions. All these preparation methods yield an effective, safe medicine for your pets.

Benefits of Compounded Pet Medicine

Compounding your pet's medication is an excellent way to nurse the animal back to health with numerous benefits. Foremost, compounded pet medication is more agreeable to your pet since they are designed to meet its needs. The added flavors make the medicine more palatable, which is perfect for pets that are picky with what they ingest. Compounding scientists enhance the medicines' properties by adding nutrients and doses that ensure your pet's optimal health. 

For more information about compounded pet medication, contact a local pharmacy.