Book A Skin Consultation At Your Local Medical Spa

If one of your goals is for your skin to be as vibrant and healthy as possible, a step toward this goal is to book a skin consultation appointment at your local medical spa. In addition to providing services such as laser hair removal, microneedling, and more, the medical spa also helps clients with the look and health of their skin. You can book this session in conjunction with another spa service, but there's nothing wrong with booking it on its own and then deciding how you'll proceed afterward. Here are some elements that will typically make up this appointment.

Visual Assessment

Every skin consultation will include a visual assessment of your skin. Every person's skin is different, and carefully studying it will help your spa employee to get an understanding of the issues that you're facing. You'll get to relax while the person takes a close look at your forehead, cheeks, around your nose, and elsewhere, perhaps touching your skin gently during the process. They'll likely point out some observations as they assess you. For example, they might note that your skin is either on the dry or oily side.

Discussion Of Your Skincare

You'll have some time to talk to the medical spa employee about how you currently care for your skin. Peoples' skincare routines can vary from simple to elaborate. It's possible that you spend a lot of time trying to improve the look of your skin each morning, but it's also possible that you feel lost about how to proceed—which may be a reason that you're interested in a skin consultation in the first place. As you talk about how you care for your skin, you'll hear feedback about what you should continue doing and what small changes you should make.

Service And Product Recommendation

Toward the end of your skin consultation appointment, the medical spa employee will recommend one or more services and products that you can use to help the look and health of your skin. For example, they might recommend that you get a facial at the medical spa from time to time as a way of removing old skin cells and giving your skin a more vibrant look. They may also direct you toward a few products that the medical spa sells that you can incorporate into your daily skincare routine. Contact your local medical spa to learn more about skin consultations.