How To Get Used To Your New Hearing Aids

If you are getting hearing aids so you can start hearing better, you can expect a small adjustment period. As with any new device, you will need some time to learn how to use your hearing aids. To ensure that this adjustment period goes as smoothly as possible, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Don't Get Discouraged If They Feel a Bit Weird

When you first start wearing eyeglasses regularly, your nose will need to become accustomed to the feeling of the glasses resting on it. Well, the same is true with your ears and hearing aids. At first, you will be able to feel the hearing aids in your ears; however, after a few days, that feeling will gradually go away.

Begin in a Quiet Area

When you first start wearing your hearing aids, make sure that you are sitting in a quiet area of your home. These hearing aids are going to help you start rediscovering sounds that you have not heard in some time, if ever, and many of these sounds are going to be faint sounds, such as the ticking of a clock. Because your brain is not used to hearing them, they may be unnaturally loud. Your brain is simply adjusting to these sounds, so it is only a temporary feeling. If there is a noise that seems to be particularly bothersome for you, take note of it so that you can let your doctor know if it does not stop bothering you.

Wear Them for Only a Few Hours Each Day

When you first receive your hearing aids, you should avoid wearing them all day, every day. Instead, you should only wear them in comfortable environments and situations for the first several days. By doing this, you will be able to detect and filter out sounds easier, which will help you adapt more quickly when you find yourself in a noisy environment. After two to three weeks, you should have worked yourself up to being able to wear the hearing aids all day. Consistency like this can help to make sure that your hearing aids are helping to improve your hearing as much as possible.

Hearing aids can be literally life-changing. If you are wanting to improve your hearing and overall quality of life, then you should reach out to an audiologist in your local area to schedule an appointment to discuss your options today.