Do You Need To Bring Your Obese Elderly Parent Home From The Hospital? What You Need

If your elderly parent is obese, hospitalized, facing a lot of health care problems, having a difficult time getting around and will need to be in a medical bed for home health care, prep their house before they get released from the hospital. The home health nurses will need to move them around, and doing this on a medical bed is easiest.

Worries about getting them in and out and around the house can also be met with some items from a local medical device store. Here are the things that you want to look for.

Durable Bed Frame

You want to have at least a 750lb-capacity bed frame that can hold your parent. A medical bed that can be controlled with a remote to shift upwards and downwards when needed will be best.

If this is something you know that they will need long term, you'll want to invest in a new medical bed. If you think that this is temporary, then there may be used options you can find through a medical supply store or your local area.

Ramp Kit

You can get a ramp kit to easily assemble a ramp into a door in the house. Take the time to find out where it will be the easiest to get in. Sometimes this can be a sliding door or garage door that is at the ground level instead of a tall porch. There are even plastic molded ramps that you can easily take with you on the go if needed.


A walker is something that they may need to use both at home and in public, in the shower and in other areas. If they are getting weak and struggling to carry their heavier body on their own, you need to make sure that you get a high-quality walker that can help to carry their weight.

If you think pushing them around may be the only way to get them around, you will have to shop for an oversized wheelchair. If the wheelchair can't move easily through carpeting or the flooring, you may have to get rubber runners to lay around as a track for the wheelchair.

If your parent has a weight problem and it's now making it difficult for them to live, be sure that you have what they will need when they are ready to come home from the hospital. This way they can try to live a more enjoyable and normal life.

To learn more, contact a resource like Joerns Healthcare.