People Who Should Have To Take Pediatric CPR Classes

While it is a great idea for everyone to learn both CPR and pediatric CPR, there are some people who should learn it even more so than the average person. People who have a higher chance of being in the situation where they would have to use pediatric CPR should make sure they take the class and get their card. The class is only one day and it doesn't cost much. Here are some of the people who should make sure they have taken the pediatric CPR course and that they keep their card current:

A private babysitter — Anyone who babysits children should have their pediatric CPR card. When they are caring for other people's children, they should put themselves in the absolute best position to keep those children as safe as possible and be able to handle a crisis. Nannies also fall into this category with regards to why they should have their pediatric CPR card.

All daycare workers and school employees — Anyone who works in a daycare center or a preschool should have their pediatric CPR card. Even if someone doesn't' work directly with the children, they should have this card just because they are on the premises. You never know when and where something can happen, and having everyone CPR trained ensures someone will be able to help a child immediately.

All hospital employees — Anyone who works at a hospital should have their pediatric CPR card, even if it is the receptionist or the janitor. Sometimes hospitals get crazy and it is hard for the staff to keep up with the chaos. If someone runs into the emergency room on a busy day and they can't fight past everyone with their choking baby, then anyone who works at the hospital should be able to render help. It is a one-day class that should be mandatory for these employees.

Parents of infants and small children — All parents who have infants and small children should take a pediatric CPR class. When a parent knows just what to do if their child is choking, then this can make all the difference to whether or not they have a scary story to tell or have a very tragic one to deal with.

If you have decided to get your pediatric CPR card, then you are choosing a great thing to do that can be a life-saving decision. You should know that you will have to keep your card updated by the date stated on it if you are to use it for work or somewhere else where the card has to be on file.

For more information, contact companies such as Emergency and Health Training Center.