Misconceptions About Physical Therapy

If you have had a health issue or accident, you may have a physician refer you to physical therapy. The therapy can be done in a therapy office, but may also be available for in home appointments depending on the therapist and your treatment needs. If you have never had this type of therapy, there are several things you need to know about the misconceptions and truths before your first appointment.

Physical Therapy Will be Painful

One of the largest misconceptions about physical therapy is that it is painful and will hurt more over time. The truth is your therapist works with you, and within your pain limits, to help you reduce your pain. You will likely feel some pressure and strain, but if you feel actual pain you need to let your therapist know. They will work with you and help you to reduce the pain. They will also change your treatment plan as needed to help work around your pain limits while still helping you to heal and get better.

Physical Therapy Can Only Help Injuries

You may believe that the only reason to use physical therapy is due to an injury. The truth is, you can use physical therapy and benefit from the therapy without having an injury. Over time you may have weakness in your muscles or in your body; this weakness can follow a severe health issue, stroke, or a high-risk pregnancy. The therapist can work with you on a treatment plan that will help strengthen your muscles and your joints. It can also help you to become stronger than you were before the health issue.

Insurance Will not Cover Therapy

A misconception that many people have regarding physical therapy is that your insurance will not cover it. This is especially true when you are considering an in-home therapy option. The truth is most insurance plans will cover physical therapy. There may be certain guidelines that your insurance requires, and these guidelines may require a referral from your physician in order for the therapy to be covered in full. In many cases, you can obtain the requirements the insurance company needs and obtain the physical therapy treatment you need.

These are just a few of the misconceptions and truths about physical therapy. If you have any questions or concerns about your therapy appointment, contact your doctor. They can answer your questions about your therapy, specific treatment plan, and other issues you may be concerned with. You can also contact clinics like Eagle Creek Therapy Services for more information.