How To Survive At Work With Chronic Headaches

When you are suffering from severe headaches for long enough, you can forget what it is like to have a normal day. Each day, you feel in agony and you struggle to focus on even the most routine tasks. But you can't put your life on halt. You need to get though this.

Be Careful When Telling Others

You are best off not telling anyone at work that you have a headache. Oftentimes, having a headache is interpreted as a sign of weakness or simply an excuse. You should only mention that you have a headache in extreme situations when you cannot perform your work.

Drink Herbal Tea

During your coffee break, consider getting herbal tea. Restaurants that serve tea will often have herbal tea and you can also find herbal tea at a grocery store. Herbal tea is a natural remedy that will also improve your health and reduce your risk of getting headaches.

Stay Hydrated

Even if you are not able to buy herbal tea, try to stay hydrated. Move to the water cooler as often as you can. If possible, bring your own mini-fridge. Water is the most effective beverage for combating dehydration, a common cause of headaches.

Adjust Your Workstation

If you are able to adjust the light by your workstation, doing so can reduce your headaches. Stress, exhaustion, bright lights and noise are among the most common causes of headaches.

Know Your Disability Rights

In extreme cases, you might be a candidate for disability. If you think this is the case, do not wait to be laid off for not being able to remain productive. Instead, discuss with your doctor your medical condition and speak to an attorney about your rights. You may be allowed to wear sunglasses to avoid having your eyes exposed to too much light.

See a Specialist

If you have been struggling with headaches your entire life, you should consider seeing a brain specialist. You may have a neurological problem that is leading to your headaches and you may need more robust treatment than a lifestyle change or a headache medication.

A chronic headache might be the result of a serious issue, such as a brain tumor. You might be grinding your teeth at night. You may be suffering from glaucoma and if the condition is not treated, you might go blind. If you suffer from panic attacks, this might contribute to your headaches.