Three Tips For Handling Bags Under The Eyes

Your eyes are one of the first features people notice about you, so it's important that you keep them looking refreshed, not only for a boost of confidence, but also to make a significant impression on the people you meet. Bags under the eyes can cause you to appear tired and aged, as well. On top of this, it causes the skin to wrinkle and sag in these areas. Here are three tips for handling this:

  1. Apply an Eye Cream: Seriously, this is something you need to stop skipping out on as part of your nightly routine. Applying an eye cream every night will resist the effects of aging because the moisture in the eye cream makes the skin here more resilient. You want to use a hyaluronic eye cream, however, because it's light and it occurs naturally in the body anyway, which means that your body is less likely to have a negative reaction to it. Since it's light, you can even apply it in the morning for additional boosting. 
  2. Use Laser Treatment: Laser treatment is a great way to tighten the sagging skin in these areas making it appear more smooth. This is also a more ideal option if you are considering an eye lift procedure because it's a bit more natural and it stimulates a natural healing process that makes your skin bounce right back to it's youthful days. Plus, it encourages new development of collagen, which is important for keeping the skin resilient. 
  3. Use a Filler: Finally, you can use a filler under your eyes that helps improve the volume. There are also fillers that use hyaluronic acid. However, the filler will differ from the eye cream in the sense that instead of being more moisture based, it uses more formulation to keep your skin firm in these areas and resistant to sagging. 

If the above three tips aren't helping you handle your bags, you should talk with a dermatologist, such as at Strnot Dermatology. Your specific skin type may require different types of products that will be more effective. On top of this, your dermatologist will have tips and tricks for you to change daily habits that may be causing your eye bags to become worse. Doing all of this before invasive surgery is the best way to beat eye bags. However, if you feel surgery is the right step for you, again, talk with your dermatologist to ensure that this is truly the case given previous efforts and skin type.