2 Misconceptions About Medicare Advantage Plans Debunked

If you are soon approaching the age of 65 and need health insurance, then you likely know that you will soon qualify for Medicare coverage offered by the federal government. However, it is important to understand that you have other healthcare coverage options, including numerous Medicare Advantage plans. These plans are offered to Americans by private insurance companies who qualify for Medicare. 

If you have heard of Medicare Advantage plans yet haven't looked into them due to misconceptions you may have about them, then read on to learn about two misconceptions about Medicare Advantage plans debunked. 

Myth #1 Medicare Advantage Plans Are Always More Expensive than Original Medicare

Since Medicare Advantage plans are offered by private insurance companies, you may assume that these policies always require more expensive premiums than original Medicare offered by the federal government. However, the truth is that these plans vary tremendously and while many come with premiums no higher than those required by Medicare itself, others require premiums that are even less expensive than original Medicare. 

If you haven't looked into the Medicare Advantage plans you qualify for due to fear they will be far more expensive than you can afford, then look into your options and you may be surprised to find affordable Medicare Advantage coverage that fits your needs. 

Myth #2 Medicare Advantage Plans Offer Few Benefits over Traditional Medicare

Of course, looking into numerous healthcare plans can feel like an unnecessary burden when you feel that original Medicare is just "good enough" for your needs and you expect all of the plans to offer similar benefits. However, many offer additional benefits that can make your life easier and your healthcare even more affordable. 

For example, over 80 percent of Medicare Advantage plans on the market offer prescription drug coverage that original Medicare does not. (You would have to invest in an additional Medicare Part D plan for prescription coverage with traditional Medicare.) In addition, many Medicare Advantage plans offer hearing, vision, and even dental coverage. 

It can be very convenient to opt for a Medicare Advantage policy that covers all of your healthcare needs, so you can pay just one monthly premium and/or stop paying completely out of pocket for these additional services. 

If you will soon qualify for Medicare, then realize that it is really worth it to look into the Medicare Advantage plans you qualify for. You may be surprised when you find one that is not just more affordable than you expected but also covers more of the healthcare services that you need. 

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