2 Reasons To Have Your Employees Drug Tested

One of the most beneficial services that you can take advantage of as a business owner is a drug testing service, mostly because having individuals working for you that are on drugs can have a major impact on your business and profitability. Listed below are two reasons to have your employees drug tested:

Reduces Your Liability

One of the biggest reasons to have your employees drug tested is the fact that it can reduce your liability. The reason for this is that if one of your employees is on a mood or mind altering substance, he or she could potentially make mistakes on the job that could hurt himself or herself, a coworker, or even a customer. In some cases, an employee under the influence of drugs could also cause extensive damage to your facility or the area around it if he or she is responsible for operating a large piece of machinery.

In all of those situations, you could find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to pay for the damages and injuries caused by one of your employees on drugs or you could end up being sued. However, if you take advantage of a drug testing service, you can screen individuals before you hire them in order to ensure that they aren't on drugs and then you can have ongoing drug tests to make sure that your employees do not take drugs over the course of their employment with you.

Increases Productivity

Another reason to have your employees drug tested is that it can help you keep your business as productive as possible. In many cases, individuals that are on drugs are not going to perform nearly as well as employees that are in a normal state of mind, mostly because the individuals on drugs will either be working slower or be making frequent mistakes that will require them or a co-worker to fix those mistakes.

In addition, many employees that are on drugs can often end up having numerous medical issues or having to use a lot of sick days. This can often mean that they will not be able to make it to work and that someone else will have to pick up the slack, which will affect both the morale and productivity of your entire business.

You will want to have your employees drug tested because it can reduce your liability and increase productivity. Contact a company like Physical Exams Inc for more information and assistance.