Misleading Botox Wrinkle Treatment Myths

Wrinkles can be a source of intense embarrassment for individuals as they may feel that the wrinkles make them appear far older than their actual age. Due to the prevalence of this part of the aging process, individuals may find that they are interested in undergoing cosmetic procedures to minimize or eliminate the wrinkles, but misinformation about Botox treatments can discourage individuals from choosing this effective wrinkle treatment.  

Myth: Botox Prevents You From Showing Facial Emotions

There is a common fear among many patients that the Botox injections will cause them to be unable to show a wide range of emotion in their faces. Often, these belief is due to a misbelief that the Botox will make it impossible to use the facial muscles. While it is true that Botox injections will cause the muscles in the face to contract, individuals will still be able to use them. You may feel some stiffness during the days after you first receive these injections, but this will gradually fade.

Myth: The Recovery From Botox Is Lengthy And Painful

Individuals will often assume that all cosmetic procedures are extremely painful with lengthy recovery periods. While this may be the case for many cosmetic surgeries, it is not what patients undergoing Botox should expect. Typically, patients that undergo this procedure will find that their normal routine and schedule suffers minimal interruptions. The facial muscles may be tender for the first day after the procedure, but this should not be severe enough to inhibit the patient's normal activities.

Myth: Botox Will Permanently Eradicate Your Wrinkles

Sadly, there are patients that may be misinformed about the type of results that Botox will provide them. Often, these individuals will assume that a single Botox treatment will completely and permanently eliminate their facial wrinkles. Yet, the effects of Botox are only temporary. If this makes you concerned about needing to have the procedure done extremely frequently, it is important to note that the effects of Botox injections can last for months before the effects will start to noticeably fade.

Botox can be an excellent way of improving your appearance by helping you to combat any wrinkles that you may have started to develop. When patients are first considering receiving Botox injections, they may quickly dismiss this option, but it can be one of the most convenient and effective solutions for wrinkles. If you know that Botox will still allow you to use your facial muscles, what to expect from recovering fro this procedure as well a the length of time the results will last, it will be easier to appreciate the feasibility of this wrinkle treatment.