Preventing Foot Pain While Ice Skating

As the temperature outdoor begins to dip and snow covers the ground, many people look forward to hitting the local outdoor rink for some ice skating. Although ice skating can be a great form of exercise, your enjoyment of the ice may be thwarted by throbbing feet.

Here are some simple tips that you can use to help prevent foot pain while ice skating with your friends and family members this winter.

1. Don't lace your skates too tight.

Many people think that when it comes to tying the laces of their ice skates the tighter the laces are, the better the skate boot will fit. Unfortunately, skates that are laced too tightly can be a source of serious foot pain while you are ice skating.

Tight laces can compress the tendons in your foot and ankle. This produces a throbbing pain known as lace bite. You want to ensure that you tighten your skate laces enough so that the boot feels like an extension of your foot, but not so tight that you can feel the laces digging into your skin.

2. Don't wear thick socks.

You might think that you need thick socks in order to keep your feet warm as you ice skate on an outdoor sheet of ice. Wearing socks that are too thick can be a source of foot pain, since thick socks can alter the fit of the skate boot and cause it to put undue pressure on your foot.

If you want to prevent the aches and blisters that can be caused by thick socks causing your skate boot to rub abnormally on your foot, invest in a pair of specialized skate socks instead. These can typically be purchased from your local rink, and they are designed to keep your feet warm without added bulk to the inside of your skate boot. This ensures the boot will fit properly and you will not experience pain while skating.

3. Don't get the wrong size.

Ice skates that are too big can cause the muscles in your foot to fatigue, while skates that are too small can cause painful cramps. In order to prevent your ice skates from causing serious orthopedic foot pain, be sure you are renting the correct size.

A good rule of thumb to follow when determining your skate size is to start with a boot that is 1/2 size under your shoe size. After trying these skates on, you can go up or down in half-size increments until you find a boot that fits your foot correctly.

Preventing foot pain while ice skating will help you find more joy when participating in this popular winter activity.

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