6 Tips For Traveling With Arthritis

Traveling with arthritis can be difficult, but this does not make it impossible. In fact, if you plan well ahead, you can have a lovely trip that does not include the intense pain you may have grown accustomed to. Follow these tips to make your next trip much more enjoyable.

1. Find ways to soak in warm water.

Warm water feels amazing for arthritis and other bone problems. The water should be kept warm but not so hot that it puts stress on your heart. Make sure to stimulate the flow of blood to the muscles and joints by moving around frequently. Many hotels offer saunas and spas that will help you follow this advice.

2. Plan for the weather.

A change in temperature or pressure can significantly impact your arthritis. This means that you need to pack wraps, ointments, and extra clothing if you are going somewhere you may feel cold.

3. Choose your rental car wisely.

It is a good idea to call rental car companies ahead of time and ask if they have special access cars that will make sitting for longer periods of time easy. Reserving the right car can make those long rides tolerable.

4. Travel in the middle of the week.

Since so many more people travel at the weekend or beginning of the week, you will find yourself in fewer lines when you leave mid-week. You may also find that your flights are more likely to have affordable seats with extra room.

5. Don't check in medications.

Pack your pillbox in your carry-on baggage to prevent issues if your checked bags happen to be lost. It is also wise to bring an extra prescription in case you are asked about your medications or require a refill while you are on the road.

6. Break up your trips into stops.

You already know that sitting still can be painful for your joints and bones. If you can, plan for many rest stops along the way. You may even want to break up your flight into separate portions to ensure that you have no problem getting a good stretch in for your journey. More opportunity to stretch also gives you more time to enjoy the sights.

Next time you intend to travel, keep these tips in mind. You may actually end up enjoying your destination or business travel without feeling the powerful pain of arthritis. For assistance, talk to a professional like Sarasota Arthritis Center.