Assisted Living Centers: The Workers Behind The Scenes

If you have an elderly loved one currently residing in an assisted living center, you're probably most familiar with the on-site nurses, front desk staff, and visiting doctors. These people are on the front lines when it comes to caring for and helping residents. But in order for an assisted living facility to function optimally, there are several other types of employees working hard behind the scenes that you may not realize. Here are some of the other jobs going on that are all an integral part of ensuring your loved one is getting the best care possible.

Cleaning And Maintenance

A maintenance worker is extremely important for any type of building or business, and this is especially so for assisted living facilities. Maintenance must be able to address issues like non-working heating or cooling systems almost immediately in order to ensure residents are kept comfortable. They also need to be able to work on plumbing issues and even help out with simple tasks like changing light bulbs so residents don't slip and fall. The cleaning staff needs to have a working knowledge of proper disinfection measures and should also be aware of areas like stairwells that should be clean and dry at all times to prevent falls. Maintenance and cleaning workers in assisted living need to know how to keep things running smoothly and be diligent when it comes to cleanliness and repairs.

Activities Director

When it comes to keeping elderly people active, they need some help to stay motivated and be engaged with their peers. The activities director is in charge of overseeing things like group walks, exercise classes, and taking residents on special trips. The needs of senior adults are different from children or middle-aged adults, so these employees need to be able to handle residents who could be suffering from memory loss or who may move a little bit slow. Everything from bingo games to a special karaoke night is all planned and organized by the activities director.


Elderly people often have special needs when it comes to their diet. Chefs working in assisted living center need to know how to plan and prepare food that is both palatable and easily digestible. In many cases, the chef will have to prepare separate dishes for different residents depending upon their health and nutritional needs. These kinds of chefs have an understanding of how to prepare foods for older people in a way that is delicious as well as healthy. The chef will also work with a nutritionist to help create menus that work well in this kind of environment so residents will enjoy eating there. The next time you pay a visit to your loved one, think about the people behind the scenes who work hard to make sure they're healthy and happy.