2 Mobility Aids to Consider for Your Aging Parents

One of the most difficult aspects of caring for aging parents is making sure that your parents are able to get around their home and other environments as safely as possible. Listed below are two mobility aids that you can consider for your aging parents.

Bathtub Transfer Bench

One of the most dangerous tasks for many elderly individuals is trying to get in and out of the bathtub. This is so dangerous because it is really easy for an elderly individual to slip in the tub and severely injure him or herself. This can also be much more dangerous and difficult if the elderly person is in a wheelchair.

However, a bathtub transfer bench can help reduce a lot of the danger because it is designed to rest in the tub at a similar height to the seat height of a wheelchair. This means that your aging parents will not have to slide themselves onto the edge of the tub and attempt to lower themselves into the tub itself. In addition, if your aging parents are not in a wheelchair, the bench height will allow them to avoid the strain of lowering themselves all the way down into the tub or stand throughout the entire shower process.

These benches will typically also feature suction pads that will adhere to the tub surface in order to prevent the bench from sliding around as the elderly individual slides onto it. In addition, many of these will feature adjustable heights to accommodate multiple bathtub sizes. 

Beach Wheelchair

Another useful mobility aid for your aging parents is a beach chair. Now, a beach chair mobility aid is actually a wheelchair or motorized scooter that will actually have lighter and wider wheels that will allow elderly individuals that cannot walk enjoy the beach with their families and friends.

With normal wheelchairs, the wheels will quickly sink into the sand and make it extremely difficult for the individual pushing the chair or the person in the chair to keep the chair in motion. These beach wheelchairs will also often feature additional comfort features, such as shades that can keep the sun off of the person in the chair and storage space for carrying food or medication.

Contact a mobility aids supplier today, such as Twin City Stair Lifts, to discuss which mobility aids would be the best fit for your parents' needs and budget. A bathtub transfer bench and beach wheelchair are just a two of mobility aids available that can allow your parents to move freely around their home and other areas safely.