3 Waysto Treat Back Pain While Pregnant

Many women experience back pain during pregnancy due to all of the changes going on within their body. They have more weight on the front of their body, which can cause more stress on their back. Your center of gravity is also shifting, which can also cause extra pain in the back as it tries to adjust and compensate. Your muscles may also be adjusting during this time for your growing baby, which is another cause. However, whatever the cause may be exactly, some type of relief is possible. Obviously the back pain likely isn't going to go away completely until after you have had your baby and your body returns to normal, but relief is very important while pregnant. This article will discuss 3 types of back pain treatment for pregnant women.


Exercise is a wonderful way to help relieve your back pain because it allows you to stretch and get your body moving. This stretching can help to ease the pain and stiffness in your back and can also increase the flexibility of your muscles. You will also be strengthening your muscles as your are exercising, which can help them to better handle the extra stress that is being placed on them. Lastly, exercise is a great way to improve your posture. This is excellent because poor posture during pregnancy is going to add to the pain and stress on your back.

Prenatal Massages

Many women who are suffering from severe back pain during pregnancy go in for regular prenatal massages. These massages are created especially for pregnant women, so they are not only geared towards the needs of a pregnant woman's body, but they are also 100% safe. The massage therapist working on you is a certified prenatal massage therapist and they will first ask you where you are experiencing the most discomfort. They will then begin working in that area massaging out the knots and doing their best to relieve any pain you may have. 

Icing And Heating Your Back 

If you experience constant pain in your back, your OBGYN, or your chiropractor if you see one, may suggest that you ice or heat your back regularly. The combination of icing and heating your back can help to relax those sore muscles and will do a great job of reducing swelling if there happens to be any. You will likely want to try icing for a designated amount of time and then move onto heating your back. Just be sure not to overheat your core body temperature, and always keep the hot pad way from your stomach, because both of these things could harm your baby.