Age-Reversal: A Few Tricks To Soften Light Wrinkles

You love the feel of your skin, but you cannot deny you used to love your skin a little more when it felt softer a few years back. Yes, aging is a natural part of life. But you can still do a few things to soften your skin, and you can do it naturally. The following are a few natural solutions that you can try.

Egg & Honey Mask

Honey is a good addition to your skin care regimen for several reasons. For one, it is antibacterial and helps clean your face. This is good, as it will prevent clogged pores. Clogged pores diminish your skin's ability to release CO2 and absorb new oxygen. This can cause your skin to loose its natural glow, which is something you don't want in addition to wrinkles. 

Another good thing about honey is its osmotic nature that helps trap moisture in your skin, which should improve elasticity. This should improve your skin's appearance and hide those wrinkles.

The reason you want to use eggs is because studies show that egg whites pull the skin. This helps reduce the amount of wrinkles on your skin. Eggs also contain other proteins that your skin can absorb, like vitamin A.

Follow the steps below to make your honey/egg mask:

  1. Separate the yolk from two eggs (be sure that the eggs are organic and from cage-free chickens).
  2. Add a tablespoon or two of raw honey (this type of honey is more potent and can be purchased in your local health food store, bee farm, farmers market, or online).
  3. Mix the two, and blend well.
  4. Clean your face, and pat it dry. 
  5. Use the blend, and leave it on your face for at least 30 minutes. 

Talk to your dermatologist about adding this natural mask to your skincare regimen, as he or she could give you more specified advice or help monitor your skin's reaction.

Eat Some Chocolate

This one might sound strange, but recent studies have shown that dark chocolate contains ingredients that help you look young. But to get the full effects, you should opt for raw chocolate that still contains age-reversing ingredients, like antioxidants. Believe it or not, scientists have created a bar that will help you reverse aging by decades.

As you can see, there is a lot more that you can do to reverse those wrinkles, so talk to a dermatologist, like, to see if there are other things you can do on your own.