3 Tips To Help Keep Your Prescription Glasses In Good Shape

Your prescription lenses allow you to perceive the world around you more clearly. They aid you in visualizing and performing well at work or school. They also help you to enjoy leisure activities such as watching movies, seeing art museums clearly, or taking in the sights of your city. There are countless benefits when it comes to the decision to get prescription lenses; the next thing you need to do is consider how to take care of your glasses. Your prescription glasses are an investment that you want to protect. Here are three tips to help keep your prescription glasses in good shape.

Avoid putting your glasses on the top of your head.

Your glasses are designed to fit your face. When you are not wearing your glasses, you should not put them on the top of your head or put them in the collar of your shirt. Wearing your glasses on the top of your head can cause the lenses to become streaked with the natural oils and sweat from your hair. It can also lead to stretching out the arms, meaning that they do not fit your face properly when you wear them as you should. Hanging your glasses from your shirt collar can lead to the lenses being scratched by buttons on your shirt or to your glasses being damaged by unplanned friction.

Keep a glasses case in your bag at all times.

When you are not wearing your glasses, then they should be put into a protective case. In most cases, your prescription glasses come with a glasses case when you receive them from the optometrist. You want to make sure that you keep this case in your bag while you are traveling or at work. You can also keep one case at home and one at work. Keeping your glasses in a case when you are not using them helps to protect the lenses. You do not need to worry about them getting dirty, becoming scratched, or being dropped when they are in a case.

Stick to lens cleaning fluid and microfiber cloths.

Avoid cleaning your glasses with a shirttail or a paper towel. Even though they feel soft, these fabrics can scratch and smudge your lenses. Stick to using a microfiber cloth, which is soft enough to clean your lenses without damaging them. You should also only use prescribed lens cleaner when cleaning your lenses. Do not use glass cleaner that you would use in your home; there are chemicals in these fluids that can have bad effects on anti-glare films on your lenses. For more information about caring for your eyeglasses, contact an eye doctor's office such as Blue Ridge Ophthalmology.