4 Reasons Aquatic Therapy Is Great For You

The benefits of aquatic physical therapy are numerous, whether you're an elderly person looking to stay in shape, a person dealing with an injury that requires rehab or someone trying to lose some weight. You can take water therapy physical therapy sessions or participate in water aerobics in order to reap these benefits. With that in mind, read on in order to learn more about how this can help your life. 

A Great Cardio Workout

A great benefit of water physical therapy is that it provides you with an excellent cardiovascular workout. With numerous people in this day and age suffering from things like heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke, you will want to add some form of cardio to a regimen. While more common cardio exercises such as running and jogging might not be quite your style, water exercises are therapeutic and useful while providing the same sort of benefit.

An Excellent Source Of Healing

Another great reason to participate and water physical therapy is that it is excellent for healing and rehabilitating injuries. The movements come more naturally and easily than other forms of rehab, such as weight lifting. Warm temperatures of water will also increase your blood circulation, providing your muscles and cells with plenty of nutrients for fast healing. The water also provides plenty of resistance, which can help the site of your injury by developing strength.

A Workout That Is Easy On The Body

Water aerobics provides you with an excellent workout without being too taxing on your body. Other exercises create so much wear and tear on your joints that they can create even more injury. But since water physical therapy is so low impact, your body will be better for it with none of the same pain and injury risk.

A Great Calorie Burner And Weight Loss Tool

If strictly losing weight is your goal, you will be able to get results from aquatic physical therapy, such as that provided by Advanced Physical Therapy. After doing these workouts for just an hour, you will be able to burn as many as 272 calories. Using these workouts to jump start your weight loss or to maintain it will be useful to you, no matter what target weight you want to hit. 

As you can tell, these four reasons provide plenty of benefits for you if you are looking to engage in water therapy. Reach out to a facility in your area that can help you out.