5 Ways To Prevent Cataracts

Cataracts causes clouding in the lens of your eyes and can lead to blindness. The idea of developing this eye disease is scary, but it is possible to reduce your risk. If you start taking better care of your eyes, you will be less likely to develop cataracts in the future. Here are five great ways to prevent cataracts.

Eat a Nutritious Diet

A nutritious diet will not just help you maintain a healthy weight; it can also lower your risk of cataracts. Including certain nutrients in your diet can shield your eyes from cataracts. For example, green leafy vegetables contain the nutrients lutein and zeaxanthin, which protect against cataracts. Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, walnuts, and tuna, can also reduce your risk of cataracts.

Do Not Expose Your Eyes to the Sun

If you expose your eyes to the sun's ultraviolet rays, they can get damaged and develop cataracts. Remember to put on a pair of sunglasses before you leave the house. If you plan on being outdoors for an extended period of time, you should think about wearing a wide-brimmed hat too.

Put Down the Cigarette

By now, you likely know that smoking is terrible for your heart and lungs. Did you also know that it can increase your risk of getting cataracts? If you make the effort to quit smoking, you can dramatically reduce your risk of developing cataracts in the future.

Do Not Ignore Cloudy Vision

If you notice your vision becoming cloudy, you should not ignore the problem. Cloudy vision is one of the first signs of cataracts. Make an appointment with your eye doctor right away to get the issue checked out. If you catch cataracts in the early stages, it is a lot more treatable.

Manage Your Diabetes

If you are diabetic, it is very important to keep your disease under control. If you do not properly manage your diabetes, you can increase your risk of developing cataracts. Watch your blood sugar and follow all of your doctor's instructions so that your diabetes does not get out of control.

Following these helpful tips will lower your risk of developing cataracts later on. However, even if your vision is completely clear, you should still see your eye doctor at least once a year. During an eye exam, your eye doctor will look for signs of cataracts and other vision problems. See sites like http://www.drgrantmdretinalspecialist.com for more information.