3 Things To Consider When Planning A Funeral For An Atheist

An experienced funeral home director can help you plan a beautiful service for a family member who is an atheist while respecting his or her beliefs. It is challenging to plan a funeral for atheists because they do not have a specific belief system. Most guests in attendance are not offended by this type of service. Here are three things to consider when planning a burial service for an atheist.

Funeral Directive/Will

An advanced funeral directive is a document that explains the funeral wishes of the deceased person. However, this document is not legally binding. Your family members can choose to ignore your wishes. It helps to name someone you trust in the directive to plan your burial.


Every atheist has their own beliefs about how someone should be remembered after death. This type of service can be held in a variety of places, such as the cemetery, chapel or crematory. The family can choose to have the service before the burial, graveside or at a memorial service at a later time.

No reference is made about an afterlife at a funeral for an atheist. The service is a tribute to the life the person lived. It should be used to recognize family and friends left behind. The different types of services give families a lot of flexibility with the planning.

Some celebrations are as informal as a dinner party. Others are more formal and include a full program. According to BBC, a church funeral is a religious ritual done by someone who has no knowledge about the beliefs of the deceased individual. The main point is to show your deceased loved one in a positive light.


Cremation and ground burial are the traditional methods used in burial services. Families can use either one of these methods. However, some atheists prefer a more non-traditional burial like donating their body to science. Some atheists are also against ground burials because of seeing land as a valuable resource. When it is time to make a decision about the burial, it should be based on the beliefs of your deceased loved one.

It is hard for anyone to lose a loved one. A funeral gives family and friends a sense of closure and chance to express sorrow. Grieving is necessary part of dealing with losing a loved one. Contact a funeral home in your area, such as Clark Funeral Home Inc, for more information.