How To Prevent Injuries In Your Doggy Day Care

Running a doggy day care is a fun way to interact with all kinds of dogs while providing a much-needed service to dog owners. When you do not have the space, or your apartment manager does not allow dogs, you can spend all of your time working with them and playing with them in your daycare. To make sure the dogs in your care all have fun and enjoy their stays, you also want to make it as safe as possible for every animal. There are some key pointers in providing excellent doggy care and preventing injuries.

Neutered and Spayed Dogs Play Separately

Most doggy daycare owners are fully aware of the sexual nature of dogs. If they are not neutered or spayed, they are very aggressive towards other dogs and even more aggressive in their attempts to breed. To avoid injuries or unintended pregnancies of dogs in your daycare, let your doggy parents know that their dogs have to be fixed or they will have to play apart from all the other dogs. This practice reduces competitive and aggressive mating behavior that could result in lawsuits, something you want even less than injured dogs and vet visits.

Keep Really Large Dogs Away from Small Dogs

All dogs can go from the sweetest creatures to the most vicious for no apparent reason. Unfortunately for little dogs, really large dogs or dogs with notoriously powerful jaws can kill the small dogs. Try to keep dogs that are close in size in one play area while allowing dogs like Great Danes to play in another area.

Screen All Dogs Before Allowing Them into Your Daycare

Taking a full medical and personality record of each dog lets you know what dogs might have a problem with their stay in your center. Most doggy parents are aware, from taking their dogs to a doggy park or walking them around the neighborhood, if their dogs have aggressive tendencies or are very shy and afraid of certain types of dogs. Also, it helps to know if there are any specific feeding instructions that could cause a dog to have a serious medical problem. Feeding instructions and special food should be listed on the intake form prior to a dog's first day in daycare and provided by the doggy's parent.

Hire a Vet or Vet Technician as Part of Your Staff

Vets and vet technicians onsite alleviate doggy parent concerns about accidents or injuries. The doggy parents then know that their pooches are well-provided and well-cared for. Although you promise to prevent every scenario of harm to the dogs in your care, you will have one or two incidents that get by you. Having a vet or vet tech on your staff will help make the injuries less serious, and the dogs can get treatment right away.

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